My God Is Bigger!

We sing a song that says ‘God Is Bigger Than That’, and we believe it. What we sing, we truly believe, 100%! When faced with a problem in your life, do you believe that God is bigger than your situation? We pray many times saying “Lord, I put it in your hands”, but do you really? Do you walk away from the altar leaving the problem there or do you carry it around with you?

Most of you know that Susan and I live in Ecuador doing mission work full time. Well, about a month ago, I came face to face with a demon possessed, drunken, machete wielding, Shuar Indian, yelling, cursing and threatening to kill me. Was I afraid? A little, at first. But then I remembered, ‘My God is Bigger Than That’ and a peace came over me. So, without saying a word, and with a smile on my face, I turned and walked away in victory.

So, when you’re faced with a problem, whether it be an angry boss or an angry Shuar Indian, KNOW that Jesus is Bigger Than That! Give it to HIM and walk away.